The best facebook url shortener website in 2020

facebook url shortener
facebook url shortener
facebook url shortener
facebook URL shortener uses people to look it nice and they like to use URL shortener to post it well.
fast of all, I tell you what is URL shortener?
– the website, blog and more many social website sites’s Link/URL is long. some website is the available internet that provides us short URL.
– <—– this is a URL , in some case people don’t click and don’t go to the website or blog – in that case, we use url shortener.
– url shortener is most popular for blogger and Youtuber and also who use Facebook pages for their business. because they like to short their url for it look good and they know that how much people click here and go the targeted website they send.
– here too many reasons why they use url shortener, i will explain you all the reason why they use facebook url shortener in this blog post.
best facebook url shortener website in 2020.

What Is facebook url shortener?

we post in Facebook videos, photos, post, and live video also. all the post is a link provide us – we go facebook watch and view post but they are a link like(
if you post this link in our video then its look bad and its too long.
let’s go and short this url- , i short this link now it look very good…

Benefit of using facebook url shortener?

see this two image

facebook url shortener
Real Links
facebook url shortener
facebook url shortener
   how to earn form Shortener URL
see and comment below which links are look good?
here,one more benefit of you using shortener url – you can see how much people click the link and go you website, i will show it later.
using shortener url you can money very easily and it’s work.
if you don’t beleive me then go google and search for it – how to earn money form facebook url shortener. not only facebook url you can also earning website or blog.
if you have any blog site then you do one thing let’s follow me- earning form youtube shortener link
1.which is your niche?
2.write a topic on it.
3.provide youtube link realted  your blog and earn money.

How To Track People Form Short Url?

you have blogwebsite or youtube channle?
if you have a youtube channle then you can past short url link in the description , then it’s look good and also short url help you in seo.
you have link affiliate product with url shortener.
beleive me , if you doing affiliate marketing then you can use url shortener and know how much people go to your product.

The Best Url Shortener Website –

1. Google URL Shortener this is the best to create short url .

facebook url shortener
Open google and type Google Url Shortener then click here– and make your short url.
facebook url shortener
2. Bitly-   Type bitly or paste this in the url bar  
this tool is best for everyone and it’s more simple to use, go paste link and bitly give you short url.
facebook url shortener
paste link in this box and click SHORTEN link
facebook url shortener
how to create an account in Bitly for free-
1. Go and click sign up button.
2. here you have three option to create an account.
3. select one option.
4. also you can create account enter mail, name and phone number.
5. if you want to create an account with facebook, google and twitter then you give to allow the account to them.
facebook url shortener
your bitly account
6. now you create shortener url here ——-
3. Bit- is one of the best site to create shortener url and here you can easily create your own url let’s create it——-
1.type in google. the first link.
3. Here you have a new screen – past your url to Link to shorten.
4. Customize your short link (optional): this is the best option why i count this website for best shortener url.
facebook url shortener
scroll down and for best websites to create Best facebook url shortener
4. Shortzon-  First Go and open your favorite browser, now open and type shortzon (click here for go shortzon official website).
Shortzon’s home page have four-page – home, payout rate, login, and signup.
now let’s create an account for create your short link –
1. click on the signup button.
2. fill up form or you can signup here by google and facebook account.
go and create your account and come and again here.
after sign up complete you have a dashboard where you can see how many visitors click your link, total earning etc.
look left side and here you have too many options.
you create a link from here left sidebar.
manage link – have can easily manage link from here – if you need to hidden any URL then you can do it very easily.
Withdraw – when you have good traffic and your earning start then you can withdraw money easily. shortzon provide too many withdraw option.
you can also your money to your bank account , paytm and paypal also.
best facebook url shortener website in 2020.


   Quick link- here shortzon give us a option to create short url every time if you dont have access on shortzon you you have API token , let’s see
this is a URL where have an option to add your URL or add your destination.
look, if someone asked you which laptop is best for me ( gaming) then you provide him this url –
he has gone Amazon and you mention hp is best for gaming, he started looking for hp laptops.
5. AdFly – adfly is one of the best short url making website i have used.

best 10 shortener url website 

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