Online Jobs From Home For Students – Make Money as a Student –

online jobs from home for students

online jobs from home for students

Online Jobs At Fiverr Online Jobs At Fiverr.
Google Adsense.
Affiliate Marketing.
YouTube AdSense.
Content Writing.
Online Tutoring Jobs.
Write And Sell An E-book.
Become An Online Fitness Advisor.
Freelance Translation Jobs.
Android App And IOS App Development.
Graphics Designing Online Jobs .
Web Designing And Development Jobs.
Social Media Marketing.
SEO Online Jobs From Home .
Become A Career Advisor.
Online Jobs From Home For Students

Online jobs from home for students

 When i and you hear about online jobs, it’s means a lot of doubts  , right?
Its fake? Company don’t pay money after work submit,website block your ip, website don’t give replies after completing work, somebody say i am work everything fine but when i submit all file then replies come to 80% work is wrong. Here too many problems are face on online jobs from home for online jobs platform for beginners
In this post i am helping you to start your career in online jobs. Here one thing matter very much – if you have talent on any platform then you can do anything on online job’s platform. Much required is your talent and creativity.
if you think that you are not able to success in online jobs then you are wrong. At the time millions of people earn money from online –   Online jobs from home for students.
I will explain you A-Z ways how you can start career in online.
For students- if you are a student then now just follow what is your passion and what is the work that feel good to you? Drawing, dancing, playing etc.
Comment your hobby please…and also your class?
School student it’s not time to earn money – it’s time to learn. If you start work now then you will lost everything at a time. It’s time to learn not earning money. In the age 14-19 you learn first. When you are 20-23 then you practice and find problems on that. When you are 24-28 then start earning.

Online job for you available at the time-

1.Online Jobs At Fiverr Online Jobs At Fiverr – Open your browser and time fiverr on google. And also click here.

What is fiverr ?

Fiverr is a online platform where million of job for freelancer for every niche. Also on fiverr you can submit your work for other freelancer.
Take a example if you are work on website development and you required a IOS App then you post it for other freelancer how make ios app.
Now talk about fiverr’s niche –

Graphics & Design – graphic design is not a simple word,Under graphics design too many works available.
Logo design–  today’s world cover by digital marketing. If, you have a company example t-shirt business then you have to make website and pages on social media platform.
Your t-shirt business company name is “HOPE” and you want to create a website and pages on social media for promoting your product. Then you need a logo for you site.
In this time we have millions of company website and in future this grow high first because of those offline work go to online in 5-10 years.
You can learn about logo design and start your career with logo design and also graphic design.
Cartoons & Comics– one of the most popular things in graphic designing.
Where to learn this?
Click here —
Book & Album Covers- for this you can go YouTube and learn it completely you take 5-6 months.
Web & Mobile Design-  everyone have a phone and laptop, yes?
Now we talk about web & mobile design- what is web and mobile design?
You read this post by blogger and blogger have a interface which you have seen now. whats app,Facebook,Instagram and the all app and websites have a design which call web and mobile design.
What Is UI?
User interface design – know more click here.
Banner ads- how i promote my website???? When promote my site with ads then need to a banner. Banner design job is most famous job in graphic design.
3D Models & Product Design- 3d movie and 3d character must have seen today’s movie and you can start your career in 3d model design.
Product Design- if a product don’t look good then never sell this product. Product design is most powerful tool to sell a product.
Info-graphic Design- what is Info-graphic Design?
All the meaning of a product provide with a image in digital media.
You can start your online jobs career with Info-graphic Design.
Digital Marketing- Digital marketing is using digital strategies to communicate business specific promotion to an audience in order to illicit a response. Basically, digital marketing works by using a number of different strategies. Each of these may serve a totally different purpose even though they have a common goal.
What is digital marketing?
First word marketing is most power full word in business , marketing power is high then your business is go long either you will go for lose.
Marketing is the way to show your product to your audience. We see ads on tv , youtube , newspaper and road.
Digital – YouTube,Facebook,Instagram and other website or blog their see ads and its call digital marketing.
When we promote our product with social or digital platform then it’s digital marketing.
Two types of marketing online or offline.
Offline marketing= the product is physical , we can see and touch the product. Print banner , print newspaper ad is the technique of offline marketing.
Online marketing= online marketing is the part of marketing. Ads show on you tube,Instagram,Facebook and other blogs that call digital marketing. Digital marketing is under digital world there is no banner ads no paper printing or no hoarding.
Benefit of digital marketing – reach your target people in a second.
SEO Search Engine Optimization.
When you start our business and we want to sale your product.
But how to sale our product?
Already the product is available and they rank on top , now how we rank on top of the product.
Seo will help us to rank on the top.
Social Media Marketing  social media marketing is like marketing on facebook,Instagram,twitter,blogs and more.
I will try to explain social media marketing on facebook.
You create a business and name it “Computer solution Hub”.
Now how you get audience.
1.create facebook page.
2.add logo and cover photo.
3. Add full seo friendly description on your facebook page.
4. Add contact number.
Now write 10 -20 post what you provide to your people.
Then you ad on your facebook page.
Email Marketingwhen people came to your social media site and they left their mail to help them back- its call email-marketing.
For know more about email marketing go here.
Benefit of mail email marketing-
1.Make relationship with user.
2.If you update something then you can mail your user.
3.New year wishes.
4.Offer mail.
5.If you have a lots of mail then you can freely get income of them.
Writing & Translationif you are a writer and translator then this is for you.
How you can get your work on online as a writer or translator.
Go google and type freelancer and select which is good for you.
Product Descriptions – flipkart and amazon sale product with full description. They hire writer for product description if you have good writing skills then you can go and apply for it.
Website Content- i have a blog site and my target is publish 10 post daily. I am write 4 post , now i am hire a writer for my blog.
There are too many niche to write content as a freelancer.
Video & Animation somebody doing photography and videography their able to get this niche job very easily.
If you want to learn video and animation then you can go udemy.
Udemy is best place to learn from home.
Editing & Post Production what is post production?

Online Jobs From Home For Students
First things to do learn all the gear and tools like pro. If you can do all thing like pro and also delivered good Quality to your customer then your level up just like rocket.
Now come to the point – how to get editing work in first time.
Everyone use social media today’s time. We get in social media facebook , instagram , whatsapp and twitter etc etc.
create account and follow those people who related to editing and ask them – give me a video to edit.
Now go to the next step if they don’t give you work then you offer them and this is your last chance to get work- if you do it very well then they will give you work again and again.
This is my trick how i get income in online first time.

Product Photography- now days we have too many e-commerce related company and some eCommerce company is building.
If you can provide them good quality photograph with value able price them you get this job.
Music & Audio when you completed your music education and also audio then you can go for it.
Professionail are best to do this job on online.
If you are not able to get job on online then please email him on
Programming & Tech WebApp developer and technical guys and doing this niche job.
Google Adsense-
Here you can earn with google adsense with google’s ads.
Now let me know about what is google adsense?
Google have platform for earning money for people who work online and this is google’s ads campaign platform.
But how we earn from it !!!
Every people have unique ideas and it’s important to us for that we have at least one creativity thing and expert in one filed.
We can’t go expert in one field in a day – It’s take time.
First you LEARN then EARN.
Let’s take an example – i am interesting with technology. Technology have too many category okhy..!!!
I am a web-app developer so i have some knowledge about this webapp development filed. Now i can write about any content in related it.
Now we create blog on blogger and earn money from google adsense.
For More advanced tips please – subscribe to my channel.

Affiliate Marketing-

Online Jobs From Home For Students

What is affiliate marketing?
Here we take a product .write about the product,promote the post and when someone buy this product from your site then you earn commission from that site.
Let’s take an example with affiliate product Like BlueHost.
Best hosting for small business is business hosting and we write about it. When someone buy it from us – then bluehost will give us commission.
Youtube Adsense-
Now days a great chance to make yourself as youtuber and youtube influencer.
So first find your topic for video blog.
Then create a channel , logo and also banner for your youtube.
Now coming to the main topic how you earn?
  1. Create unique video blog with unique topic , if you think to rank first.
  2. Then share the video with related with people at this field.
  3. Make more and more video and promotion them.
  4. First cover what people like to watch.
After upload 20-25 video with people’s good response then apply for youtube adsense.
Content Writing-
We have too many freelancing website to work like fiverr,upwork,PeoplePerHour,Freelancer,99Designs.
First go there and setup your account.
Then promote your account on any social media sites.
Here i recommended you some videos to get your first freelancing job.
(Udemy affiliate)
Online Tutoring Jobs-
            2019 is fully digital world. If you are master at least one subject then you can go for it.
Normally teacher’s income scale is under 20,000-30,000 and another field like online tutoring job website you can earning 3X(60,000-90,0000) per month from home.
Where to find those website?
Don’t worry guys i am here to help you..!!!
How its work , how to do all things please read this post to the end.
Go to this website and create your account – now you are ready for start your class.
Now how you can get your first student. First create a youtube channel and upload basic video on about your subject. When come to your video and engage with you then push them to buy premium version.
Requirement – A Laptop Or Computer With Internet Connection.

This website is best for learn technical field and also you can doing teaching here.but Listen me here come at that time when you expert in your Field and other wise you failed here.

You can easily sell your course here at your price.
Write And Sell An E-book-

Online Jobs From Home For Students

What’s going on guys here i am with you a new another source for online earning.
This one tips is so crazy Nobody Doing this in all category.
This time we going to learn how to sell ebook online.
Don’t need to best selling author And best writer and e-book is just written format of a topic that set.
Today’s technology we can create easily ebook and promote them with help on social media.
Select Topic?
I will give you some ideas about write ebook..!!
  1. 100 Youtube Success Tips.
  2. Best Motivational Video ever.
  3. Affiliate Marketing Rules For Beginners.
  4. WordPress Full Course For only 5 Rupees.
  5. Learn Python With This Ebook.
  6. Android App development for beginners.
Now Question is how you get sell our ebook?
            Let’s with us–
            1.promote with facebook ads.
            2.spend 1000-1500(12$-18$) on facebook ads.
            3.set per ebook price 5 Rupees.
If you spend 1000 RS , then its promotion under 1,00,000-1,50,000 people. When 1% people will buy this and our income rise to 5000( we invest 1000 on facebook ads)
If we invest 5000 of 4000 as our profit and take 5% buyer then our income is -50,000(Fifty Thousand)in just a week.
If you fail or don’t know how to market with facebook ads then please contact my friend – and also whatsapp him – 7002612778.
When they purchase your book , you get some information about them like email,phone etc etc.
In Future you publish or sell something with mail marketing.
 Become An Online Fitness Advisor-

Online Jobs From Home For Students
If you want to start this business then start with facebook ads as a beginners.
When you will grow up then create your own website for online fitness training.
Let’s talk about our first step –
  1.  Create a youtube channel.
  2. Upload basic and unique content in your field on youtube.
  3. First time promote your online live training business in youtube video.
  4. See how people react and build with you.
  5. Then go for facebook and create a ad.
·         I am your fitness advisor for just 20$.
·         Discourse about your problem you have face.(set your own price)
·         I will guide you for 6 month only 1500$.
·         I will talk with you for a hours at 40$.
I Just Give You Some Tips – how you get Good Results.
First Three things to do with our online advisor is ATTRACT,CONVERT,DELIVER.
Go Live and talk with people – motivate them and try to sell your course.
If you want that i will boost your business in online then please mail
Freelance Translation Jobs-
This category is very unique and hard for other people, but easy for you if you know too many language properly.
You can go upwork fiverr and also try in google jobs.
We are talking about all that important points we want. How to translation one language to other language.
Which software will help us to do this job for us.( never go for software)
5 best translation jobs source –
  5. Upwork .com
Android App And IOS App Development-
Here we cover App Development – We have Two Platform Android Or IOS.
Android App Development – If You want to android app developer then go for android studio.( Recommend)
Learn JS(JavaScript) for Professional App Developer.
After Complete Your Learning Then Go for freelancing on fiverr or upwork.
IOS App Development- if you want IOS app developer then go for Youtube there a lots of video content about IOS App Development.
After , Learn Completely You Can Freely Go For Freelancing.
Also You Can Find Work On Social Media.
How to find work on social media.(Please Contact Me at
Graphics Designing Online Jobs-
Fast of all you have to be professionail of this job.Because there are too many trafic.
If you are able to design anything look like professionail  then you can go this job on online.
I will suggest you some videos and some course for your graphic design career.
Buy this course for learn Graphic Design A to Z.
Web Designing And Development Jobs-
If You Want To Learn Web Designing For Very Low Price as Compare to The Market then please mail me-
How to make your first website-
You are here because you ready  to make money online as a website jobs from home for students
But,Take Care Some Points – You have put in hours of your time,done all the hard work.
Boom- It’s Time To Take Action For You Millionaire Life.
For website design we have too many platform like wordpress,wix,weebly and shopify etc…
This all are platform for your business website and individual companies.
Design Professional Websites Likes Flipkart and Amazon we have to learn Programming Language Like Html ,Css ,Java, Php, Mysql,Python and ruby.
Who want to learn those Programming Language for web development – then they don’t go for other sites.
Simply Go For Google Better Learning.
If You Want To Learn It Faster then Follow me and Mail Me –

Social Media Marketing-
2019 social media marketing trends-
The social media world changes faster than any other online system or it can be more easy to access.
Social Media Marketing Is a Part of Blogging and also Affiliate or Digital Marketing.
Where We Hear about SMM(Social Media Marketing) -we think about only facebook or google ads.
Here you are wrong.
Core Point Is Content Writing on Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing is not just this two things, Social Media Marketing is fully Cover By Digital World and social media platform.
Now lets, Talk About How You Can Get Job as a SMM Manager.
First You Need To Learn EveryThing About Digital and Social media marketing.
Then Follow The People Who Already Dominate The Market.
10 Digital Marketing Skills To Get Jobs at 2019-
  • SEO Specialist.
  • Google Ads specialist.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Analytics.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Content Management/Marketing.
  • Viral Marketing.
  • PPC Executive/Specialist.
  • Social Media Expert.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Develop Skills with New Platforms.
  • Link Building specialist.
  • Advertising manager
       Place To Find Digital Marketing Jobs-
            Full Time Jobs
·         Upwork
10 Tips For Digital Marketing Job Interview-
  • Research About A Company.
  • Be Creative.
  • Being Proactive.
  • Create A Job-Worthy Resume.
  • Think From Interviewers Mind.
  • Interview Etiquettes.
  • Brand Yourself Online Now.
  • Giving The Right Hook In The Interview.
  • Sell Yourself.
  • Brand Yourself Online Now.
  • Showing That You Actually Care.
Join Facebook Groups For Gain More Knowledge.
Scope Of Digital Marketing at 2019
  1. Become a Professional Blogger:
            After Passing some years in digital marketing and collection the value able data from DM then you can Doing Digital jobs from home for students.
2.            Earn with Affiliate Marketing & Ad-sense:

3.            Start Freelancing Services:

4.            Start your own agency:

5.            Become a YouTuber:
6.            Start your Drop shipping business:
7.            Email Marketing:

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