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Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel Affiliate Programs
Travel Affiliate Programs

How affiliate marketing works:-

Affiliate Marketing is for those people who have an audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, blog and more.

see, if you have a youtube channel and blog site which is travel , food & tech – then you can add travel,food and tech’s affiliate product on your website and also provide those affiliate programs link in the video description.

Affiliate programs – We have too many affiliate program to promote on our website or blog. You have a blog where you write about technology( i take technology as an example).

You write about today’s technology – how people rich to the product in a second it’s called digital marketing.

We take an example that our niche is digital marketing related and also technology.

Best Travel Affiliate Program for Travel Bloggers.

Now, how can I use affiliate marketing in your blog or website?

First of all, you need to find some trusted affiliate marketing websites also search for cps networking sites.

How can you find that sites – go to google and type your category related affiliate program like “WordPress theme affiliate” and “ hosting affiliate”.or you can easily find out affiliate site related to your website in youtube?

It’s time to move the main point how works it?

For someone who doesn’t hear about affiliate program before – click here.

You have websites/blogs that related digital marketing and you write a lot of post on that’s blog sites. now time to talk that how can users came to your site.

Hey, you just look here – you write about “ how to promote your site with SEO ”

Now you think what is SEO?

I am sorry to say that it’s not the time you do affiliate marketing. First, you learn SEO, how to make a website, write SEO friendly article etc.

How to start a career in affiliate marketing? 

What is SEO?

Travel Affiliate Programs
Travel Affiliate Programs

Search engine optimization – when you write a blog post then you have a keyword that a lots search a lots volume. Write a post and publish it, then users never came to use the site. That’s why I am doing SEO in the post.

you already write a post on blog sites and it’s related digital marketing. Now, which affiliate program can you choose.

If you and I try to sale SEO tools then you write on about SEO related content.

You and I know that ahrefs are the best tool and SEO tools in semrus.

Now you can go ahrefs and semrush and create affiliate account in their sites and promote their product on your site. You have good SEO in your site so user manually comes to you and if they buy the product from your product banner then ahrefs will pay you something. Its call affiliate program.

best travel affiliate program.

Travel affiliate – how to have travel more and they visit too many places and them also good to write about the place then they can do travel affiliate very easily.

Like you go Shillong for your personal program – you go there and finished your work then you have one daytime free. You take a decision and out to visit Shillong’s best place.

You travel a lot that day and come back to your home. When you free you write about Shillong best place and publish it on your website “ best place in Shillong to travel – top 10 best place have to go” and you give a good title tag to that post.

Now here, you can provide too many affiliate programs like hotels, restaurants, rent cars and trip advisor also.

They will pay you a good commission when a user goes and buy their product from your site.

How to create a travel Affiliate blog?

Travel Affiliate Programs
Travel Affiliate Programs

1. Join your niche related affiliate program.
2. Apply to advertiser program.
3. Choose a promotional method. ( if you are a beginner then grow your site with SEO)
4. Past the code on your site/upload banner on your site.

You have posted on the blog about “ places to visit in goa for youngsters ” if you don’t have an idea of what is a better affiliate program for it.

I will help you – Goa and youngsters. somebody Go Goa with a friend to travel. They have too many requirement and more option they have wanted to in Goa.

a). First of all, you provide a flight ticket on your blog post.
b). Best hotel with comparing rates.
c). Drone, DSLR, GoPro and camera link in your website.
d). Local tour event tickets.
e). Clothing.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs –

1.TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Programme –   Join the Largest world’s largest and most trusted travel community travel affiliate programs. TripAdvisor has 600+ million reviews and 500,000 city and hotels. They Provide Hotels, Holiday homes, Flights, Restaurants, Tours and more. They give you 50% commission, Rooms and partner are trusted that’s why TripAdvisor Make Largest Network. TripAdvisor Has Partnered with CJ Affiliate To provide us very easy to use TripAdvisor’s Affiliate Programs.

Travel Affiliate Programs
Travel Affiliate Programs

How To Join – Click here.

If You Can’t able to create affiliate programs with TripAdvisor, then email me on – kongkonwebsol@gmail.com.

In the hotel section, you can able to see –
A Bar to search Your Location, then option to check in – check out and last option in how much room you need for your members then click search.

Same on every section.

2.Booking.com-  Booking.com provide you rent cars, flight, and rooms.

Go booking.com and scroll down for find “become an affiliate” option click here on becoming an affiliate.

1.fill up form.
2.enter your mail id, name.
3.create a password for booking.com’s affiliate program.
4.after, do all the steps – you can log in and verify your domain.

Confirm your mail – and now go for verifying your domain.

Click on add a meta tag to your domain button.

They will give you a meta tag to add to your domain.

Go add open your blog and open admin section then paste the code in HTML section.

After pasting the code into your site – you click on verify meta tag.

Hey, congratulation you create your affiliate account in booking.com – now the affiliate code into your blog site.

Here you can see already you create a password and verify your domain.

Now you have created & implement products.

1. Click on create a product button.
2.select which type ad you will display to your audience.

3. Click on create a new search box button.
4. Give a name to your product.
5.select size of your affiliate ad.
6.scroll down the page and click on create this search box button.
7. They will give you a code on the same screen.
8.copy those and paste it to your blog.

3.AGODA- Agoda give us flight tickets, rooms, and Agoda rooms. Here you can also find for the trip to the best place.

Let’s create your affiliate account in Agoda.

1. Click on the affiliate button.
2. Create your account, then you have to verify your site.
3. Select first option – click on proceed button.

Then set up for an ad.

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